A true story about corrupt politics, government, law and media and
their cover-up of fraud. 

Welcome and thank you for taking the time to view my website. I hope you will be outraged like me. What started as an innocent desire to live aboard a houseboat turned out disastrously 4 years later with our family broken and the loss of 2 houseboats and mobile home. Another fours years later in 1995, Karen also lost her battle with cancer. 

Here is documentation, television report, news stories, NSW Hansard records and public Petitions which relate to our projects. If you persevere you will come to realise for yourself, the cruelty that fake news, crooked politicians, judges, solicitors, irrigators and gambling interests perpetrated in the demise of my family and our houseboat projects. 

Alternatively , you can take a shorter path by reading the following 2 documents. it is not hard to see that Captain John Hensford, Regional Manager of NSW MSB approved construction of our "2 normal vessels". According to him they were not part of a Botel. 

So what are normal vessels and do they differ from private or commercial houseboats?  

Two years later in 1990 Hensford also signed a NOTICE ordering the removal of the same boats because they were "two botel units". At the time the boats  were located on the Koondrook bank of the Murray River just downstream from their legal mooring WS012 and they were in the care of Ray Dowel who owned the mooring and vessel known as the Barkoona. The boats displayed a prominent FOR SALE sign. Mr Tuck was an interested buyer but he was warned off by Maritime. 

Do you see the same signature on both? What is a houseboat? What's a normal vessel? What's a botel?

How can both documents be genuine? It has taken 7 years since 2012 using FREEDOM OF INFORMATION to discover the truth. If both documents are genuine and Captain John Hensford approved two vessels which he wrote were "not part of a prospective Botel" in 1988 then how could he order them to be removed because they were Botel units in 1990 according to the NOTICE TO REMOVE VESSEL? 

Furthermore, if the the 1990 NOTICE is genuine then why does it not carry a stamp or official seal? 

If the NOTICE was genuine in 1990 then why was there no later prosecution and fine of $400 as noted in the order? You can see that the Order does not say who terminated the licence and why? Who do you think had the authority to cancel a licence? Was it the Regional Manager or someone higher? 

You can conclude that I did not remove the vessels because Maritime went ahead with the removal of the vessels and the local newspaper Barham Bridge reported it as shown next. I can tell you that many newspapers were actively misreporting the events surrounding the houseboat and Botel Applications which began 4 years earlier in 1986.

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