The Waterhouse and Botel story

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Welcome and thank you for taking the time to visit this website. It is about NSW Politicians who lied, cheated and stole a family's home and future. What started as the innocent desire of a young couple to live aboard a houseboat on Australia's Murray River turned out disastrously after years of deliberate Government maladministration between 1986 and 1990. It left the Furlan family broken with the loss of the two houseboats and their life savings. 

Later on in 1995, Karen also lost her battle with cancer during the bitter Family Court battle which ensued. Much later in 2013 a secret connection emerged. It linked the underhanded official destruction of the houseboats and the botel project with the action of the Swan Hill Magistrates Court and the Family Court battles with Karen's family solicitors. Despite the overwhelming evidence neither the NSW anti corruption bodies nor police will acknowledge the criminal fraud and theft. They are protecting the reputations of those involved.

Here are a number of quicklinks to various pieces of evidence in support of my accusations. TV8 Swan Hill Television Report about the small vessel which was in actual fact a normal houseboat according to this 1988 letterThe reporter lied about the location of the project when she said it was to be located behind the School of Arts Hall. However this public notice describes it's real location near the Caravan Park.  She also twisted the truth about the involvement of the Barham Progress Association and the so called public opposition. Here is a short video showing a public Petition in support of the project. The petition was not made public by council nor the local paper.  Furthermore, Jim Small MP told the NSW Parliament that there was a petition against the project. Here is a transcript of his speech to NSW Parliament and also Matthew Singleton who was the Assistant Maritime Minister as recorded in NSW HansardHere are the  Environmental Impact Statements which Jim Small told Parliament had not been provided. 

Here are numerous local and regional news stories about the ventures most of which are either misleading or untrue. 

Here is the extensive documentation about the houseboats presented chronologically.

There are two documents which lay at the heart of this fraud. Both documents carry the signature of Captain John Hensford, who was Regional Manager of NSW Maritime Services board. He approved the construction of "2 normal vessels". According to him they were not part of a Botel. 

Hensford wrote that the vessels were "not part of a prospective botel" in 1988 and then ordered their removal because they were "two botel units" in 1990. Together with council officials they destroyed the large unfinished vessel in 1990 and sold the other in 1993. Today it sits at Swan hill where it is used as Paddy Hogg's Wharf.

How can both documents be genuine? If both documents are genuine and Captain John Hensford approved two vessels which he wrote were "not part of a prospective Botel" in 1988 then how could he order them to be removed because they were Botel units in 1990 according to the NOTICE TO REMOVE VESSEL? I believe the Notice is a false document. There is no official record of it because I have the only one that ever existed. 

If the the 1990 NOTICE is genuine then why does it not carry a stamp or official seal? 

Why is Hensford's name not printed below his signature.  

Why didn't Maritime prosecute as noted?

Why was there no fine of $400 as noted?

The Order gives no reason for the cancellation of the licence. 

Please continue reading about authority to cancel the licence.

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