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by mauricefurlan@gmail.com

On 24/8/88 The wakool shire council refused my Botel Development Application No 13/88. Three weeks later 19/9/88 the NSW Maritime allowed my Commercial Marine development

The picture above shows a view from the bridge of four vessels located on the Murray river at the sister tows of Barham NSW and Koondrook VIC. The council caravan park is located behind the willow trees in the centre of the picture. Below is an Google interactive map of the area. On the left is Shady Lady (commercial marine business) which is laying up on the bank in readiness to depart the area having failed to attract enough business. She arrived in 1985. My two houseboats are shown in the middle of the photo in front of the caravan park. 

At the time I was one of the captains who drove the passenger boat MV Barkoona. She is tied up to her jetty at right of the picture. She started business in late 1979 and today I believe she had both NSW Maritime and NSW Wakool council DA approval.

In the centre Barham did not have a pumpout facility. She operated from the area behind the Scool of Arts Hall shown at (C) in the map legend. This is where the town water intake is/was located. This is where Waterhouse Enterprises first proposed to locate the Botel project.
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