Maurice Furlan's story

From a houseboat builder to a single father.


Below are two Family Law Orders from 1990. The Swan Hill Magistrates Court issued them on the same day. Not only were they unlawful but they were part of a much broader effort by Bob Carr and other NSW politicians to destroy our family's unprecedented business venture.  

According to the first order the father consented to giving away custody of his son. However there appears to be two husbands, Mr Laidlaw and Mr Furlan. How can that be? It is clear that Mr Furlan is the father and so who is Laidlaw and why did he sign in the place of and before the husband?The order granted sole custody to the mother however a Magistrate does not have that power. 

Furthermore, if the the Order is lawfull then how could there be another Order which was made in the same court on the same day. It makes no mention of the first Order. This Order also granted sole custody to the mother but then changed it to interim. Part (2) directs that this order be served on the husband to advise of a future hearing at Mildura (3). It seems Registrar Laidlaw signed the order above for the husband and initialed the order below in the husbands absence. How can that be explained?

The full explanation to these questions came to light two decades later in 2012. Meanwhile, during custody proceedings in the Family court at Melbourne in 1993, Justice Smithers wrote the following summary. By acknowledging the 1990 interim custody order at Swanhill, he was complicit in the deception. He stated that that was also the farther's understanding. That was never the case. If the final/interim custody order was legitimate then there would not have been a need to attend the Mildura Court as is directed by the Swan Hill Registrar. It is clear the Family/Magistrate court deceived and stole the custody of his son from the father! That led to a time of parental alienation and many abuses of the tax system under the guise of child support.

This warrant for my arrest is a sad indictment of the court. Perhaps the Inquiry might consider this matter.

Sadly, Karen passed away in 1994 at age 30. I did not know that she was gravely ill. Her parents tried for custody. I chose to be represented by Mrs Clancy who happened to be married to Justice Smithers (He wrote the summary above). The custody outcome was favorable and I raised Ben. I held no grudge and encouraged his contact with is maternal grandparents despite then not paying child support.


It was not until 2012 that a discovery was made which explained how the crooked family law proceeding were connected to a family business matter which had been underway for the four years prior to the family breakup. It involved the construction of two houseboats. The local council illegally stopped the construction by barracking the area with piles of sand and spoil from their street sweeper.

Hemmings did not hear the appeal. He only heard arguments as to whether Morrison and Sawers lodged it within time and whether the $50 Lodgement fee could be faxed. I was not included in the telephone callover 4 December 1989.

Part 3.

Politicians and Ministers

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