Maurice Furlan's story

From a houseboat builder to a single father.

Bob Carr MP NSW Environment and Planning Minister.  In 1986 he was preparing a plan for the Murray River and he called for submissions. Waterhouse Enterprises learned of this through the Maritime in Sydney and wrote to him.  He responded. It was pointed out that there were only two places on the NSW section of the Murray River where vessels could discharge their sewerage. These were located at Echuca and Mildura. South Australia, on the other hand provided 24 discharge locations. Waterhouse wanted to connect the project to the local sewer systems. They wanted to offer this free service to local and passing vessels.

Bruce Baird, MP Maritime Minister

Wal Murray

Action 2070

Jim Small MP, National Party Member for Murray gave strong support to the Botel project. He realized the potential of the project and he wrote to Maritime. Two years later he lied to the NSW Parliament about his involvement and that of many other groups. Here is a transcript of what he told parliament according to the Hansard record Page 3188 November 10, 1988.

Mathew Singleton, MP Assistant to Baird
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