Maurice Furlan's story

From a houseboat builder to a single father.


JULY 2017 - "External Review of DECISION (5/6/2017) by NSW Information and Privacy Commission. (IPC)

Thank you for contacting me about RWC-003135 (15/5/2017). Please also refer to IPC 12-000348  which is related to this matter.

I have an original NOTICE document dated 27 June 1990. It is signed by John Hensford who was Regional Operations Manager of the Maritime Services Board of NSW. It led to the confiscation of my two houseboats.

I have shown the notice to many present day officials and I have requested them to provide me proof that it is VALID. I lodged a formal GIPA application asking them to authenticate it. IPC have decided that no information is held by the Agency. This is my reason for wanting an external review.

I now believe that there either is no official copy or record of my notice or information is being withheld from me. I want the notice declared INVALID. I understand this to mean that it is both "legally and officially unacceptable".

For your information, Mr Deon Voyer the present day Manager investigated this matter recently. He referred to it in an email to me as "Maurice Furlan - Murray River Botel Issue 1985-1988". Please note the my notice post dates this period. I later met with Mr Voyer and he told me that such notices are recorded in official registers held by government departments. When asked he denied seeing it.

I have found one of the houseboats located on the bank of the river near Murray Downs NSW. I also understand that my mooring licence was NOT cancelled despite my being told so in the notice. Anyone can view it on Google Maps. It appears on the Victorian bank opposite the Barham Caravan Park. It is referred to as "Murray River Reserve Non-PV". 

I ask for your help and support. This has now gone on for many years and it needs to end.

2     PARKS VICTORIA 10/7/17

I see on Google Maps that there is an area on the riverbank at Koondrook VIC and opposite the Barham Caravan Park NSW. Google describes it as NON-PV (Non Parks Victoria).

Can you please confirm that it is a parcel of land set aside for mooring licences and which is in the control of NSW Maritime Authorities.

Maurice Furlan 0434976664

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