NSW Politicians lied, cheated and stole a family's home and future. 

NSW officials destroyed the half built houseboat on the left. 
They stole the other and sold it. 

I built these two houseboats in 1987 and 1988. 

NSW Maritime issued a NOTICE in 1990. It said that they had cancelled my mooring licence (WS012) at Koondrook. They ordered me to remove the boats from the river and threatened me with legal action and a $400 fine if I did not do so and was convicted. I did not remove the vessels and so they confiscated them with help from the local council. They destroyed the large one. It now seems they sold the smaller one in 1993. 

I have recently located it near Swan Hill VIC. I have also discovered that my mooring is still in place. It  is described Google maps as "Murray River Reserve - Non PV" 

Click the links to read about NOTICE and NON-PV

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