Maurice Furlan's story

From a houseboat builder to a single father.

In January of this year (2017), I asked to meet Mike Baird and Duncan Gay then Premier and Maritime Minister. Both declined and provided responses. They retired from politics shortly after.

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The first letter is not correct. Mr Voyer called me on 17/1/17 as a result of my contacting the Ministers. He said he would investigate and he sent me email that same day. He called it "Murray River Botel Issue Circa 1985-88". I have since met with him personally about this. He claims he made up the title after reading my website. However those dates are not reported here. Despite constant denials, I suspect there are numerous files, registers and records about this matter. 

  1. Captain John Hensford approved construction of my vessels and he encouraged my commercial marine ventures. 
  2. He then sided with council and served this NOTICE on me. 
  3. He said that he cancelled my licence. 
  4. He ordered me to remove the vessels from the Murray River. 
  5. He threatened that if I did not I could incur $400 fine if convicted. 
  6. I did not remove the boats. 

Maritime and council officers confiscated my property as described in this letter and report. They demanded $4000 to recover their costs from me. The property was subject to Family Court proceedings at that time. 

I have recently discovered the smaller vessel located downriver near Swan Hill. I want it returned to Koondrook where it now appears the mooring still remains. It is shown on GOOGLE Maps and is incorrectly identified and/or disguised as MURRAY RIVER RESERVE - NON-PV (Parks Victoria) 

I now have a new understanding of the events and the role that then Transport (Maritime) Minister, Bruce Baird played in these matters. I spoke with him last April. I sent him an mms message. It contained a letter which he denied knowledge of. 

In January of this year, I asked to meet with his son Hon Mike Baird and Hon Duncan Gay then Premier and relevant Maritime Minister at that time. I wanted to give them details of this matter and ask for their help. They denied my request and suddenly departed their positions.

I understand that NSW State Records are to be retained permanently whenever there is controversy, legal action and/or change to government policy . Register books are never destroyed. I believe numerous government officials are not behaving honestly and in accordance with the Government Information Public Assess Act. I have formally requested Deon Voyer to prove the validity of the NOTICE by providing a copy of the archived register entry. He has not responded. 

This video shows relevant documents in my possession.  
The NSW Hansard November 10, 1988 page 3188 has the transcripts of speeches by local member Jim Small MP and by Matthew Singleton MP who then was assistant Maritime Minister. They serious mislead the Parliament.
These news articles in the regional newspapers are all directly related to this matter. 
It has taken me a long time to recover from the emotional stress that accompanied these events. I could not have done so without professional help. This matter caused the loss of my life savings. It adversely affected my health and marriage. It is highly probable that it contributed to my ex-partner losing her life at age 30. I cannot allow this matter to continue. 

Bruce Baird and NSW Maritime must resolve it by way of,

  1. Official recognition of the facts
  2. Full acceptance of the responsibility for the miscarriage of justice
  3. Adequate compensation for the substantial losses I have incurred.

Premier Gladys Berejiklian and Maritime Minister Melinda Pavey need to be made aware of the events which led to issuing of this INVALID NOTICE which is "legally and officially unacceptable".

Maurice Furlan 


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