A true story about corrupt politics, government, law and media and
their cover-up of fraud. 


Sgt Les Hyne is holding my sworn statement on file at Barham Police Station. He refuses to enter it into the police database.

10 April 2019. I sent my Statement and some information shown below to the NSW Police a week ago. I rang today to check on progress and Sgt, Hyne argued that the Notice is not a FALSE DOCUMENT because I have the original and hence there is no fraud. more ...


I believe this is a FALSE DOCUMENT. There is no record if it.

The dates on this email indicate that the Notice was never recorded.


The remaining vessel is located near SWAN HILL.

I have long felt that I have been the victim of a crime which was perpetrated by NSW Government Agents three decades ago. They put me through hell here on earth when I tried to build, sell and rent houseboats back in the 1980s. I suffered psychological, financial and authoritarian abuse  as a result of their deliberate maladministration and I remain traumatised to this day. I spend half of every night awake and thinking about these events and despising authority.  I feel isolated from my community. Most of my friends and workmates do not support my efforts to report these events. I cannot understand why that is. 

  My own family fails to comprehend that those who were behind the fraud were also responsible for the premature death (aged 30} of my estranged wife Karen during our bitter Family Law dispute. 

My own siblings cannot talk about this subject with me ! 

These matters lay festering in my mind for many years until 2012, when quite by chance,  I stumbled upon some false information which appeared on That website is about town planning and it contains information about my failed houseboat project. It started in 1985 and it went on to dominate the next decade of my life. 

I had no idea back then that Smithsons were so intimately involved behind the scenes. On reading their claims about their media involvement in other projects at Swan Hill and a houseboat (BOATEL) development at Wakool in NSW I knew immediately that their claim was fraudulent because there was no such development application and the Wakool shire has since confirmed this. 

That led me to revisit my original documentation which fortunately, I had safely kept. I am stunned by what I have since discovered. Here is a short video which shows the amount of my documentation. I can send you a link which will allow you to read each page if you so desire. Complete the form below. 

Back in 1990 and after years of struggle,  a NSW Government agent served the above NOTICE and seized my property which is shown above. Through freedom of information I have now established that the NOTICE is an INVALID DOCUMENT and the Houseboat/Botel/Vessel approval process was fraudulent right from the beginning. Here is my very first letter to Maritime which asks them how I should go about building a houseboats on a commercial basis. Here is a letter from Bob Carr advising me how I should proceed in establishing a chain of Botel Marinas along the Murray River. Here is a letter from Jim Small who was the local Member of Parliament at the time. He was very much in favour of my proposal in 1987 when he wrote to Maritime on my behalf. Sadly in the following year he mislead Parliament when he uttered these words which are recorded in NSW Hansard 10 November 1988 3 188. You may request a more detailed account of these matters by completing the form below. 

I never knew what happened to my smaller vessel until I rediscovered it recently. It is now located on the Murray River bank near the bridge crossing at Swan Hill, Victoria. Apparently it has been used as the Paddy Hogg Wharf since 1993.

In the past I have shown the NOTICE to many professional people and no one has ever questioned it's authenticity. That only reinforced my assumption that it was genuine because surely all these people would have seen the fraud and surely government agents would not resort to fraud. 


By 2017, I still had not worked it out and so I rang BRUCE BAIRD who was the NSW Maritime Minister at the time. I wanted to find out why my mooring had been terminated and who had the power to do that. That led to Deon Voyer who is the present Manager of rivercraft on the Murray River. He rang me on January 17, 2017 as is described in his email shown below. The email is titled ".... circa 1985-1988" and yet the NOTICE is dated in 1990.  That suggested to me that there would be no record of the NOTICE.  

I drove to Port Kembla and met with Deon Voyer unannounced. I asked him about the dates and he could not answer satisfactorily. So I asked him if there is a Register Book which records NOTICES. He said that Notices are recorded in a Register but he had not seen it. 

I then sought an External Review under Government Information Public Access (GIPA) and they agreed that the agency did not have any information. I had asked to see proof about the entry of the NOTICE in a REGISTER. I was shocked even more when they advised the agency destroyed their information on May 23, 2013. This date is most significant and I will only divulge via your traceable email if you the reader request it. 

Bingo the penny finally dropped and in January 2019 I had my Colombo moment. The little pest inside my mind woke me as usual and screamed out, ITS FAKE, THE NOTICE IS JUST A SCRAP OF PAPER WHICH UNOFFICIALLY DISAPPEARED !

Now on reflection the discrepancies in the NOTICE are obvious. It does not carry an official seal (1) nor a reference number (2). Furthermore, if it was genuine then why was there no action taken, as noted to prosecute (3) and fine me $400 (4). I did not remove the vessels from the river because the large one, which was partly constructed,  was much too large to be removed in one piece. The agents cut it up and loaded the smaller houseboat onto a truck as reported in the local newspaper on December 14, 1990.  

 I am now on a mission to have my houseboat returned to me and to have those involved in the NOTICE charged.

Here is the newspaper report that confirms that both council and maritime agents seized my vessels.

Here is my approval letter for commercial marine development.

Here is councils official Notice of Development Application January 1987.

Here is a fraudulent claim by Smithson on their website about a fictitious Boatel Project on the Edwards River in !988.

Here is a fraudulent entry numbered 1/87 in the Council Development Application Register about my Botel alleged to be Refused.

Here is a fraudulent second entry with an indiscernible number which was not publicly notified and which remains undetermined.

Here is 

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