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Imagine you are assembling a large jigsaw puzzle. It is not yet completed and parts of it seem to be missing. The puzzle is made up of documents and facts rather than pieces of a picture and they date as far back as 1985. 

So far, you can see quite clearly that the 1000+ documents show a picture of high level corruption however there are still areas which are missing. 

Here is the incomplete puzzle

To begin a puzzle you look for key pieces such as the corners and edges. Look closely at this key document. It is a 1988 Maritime letter to Mr Furlan of Waterhouse Enterprises.

You can see that Captain John Hensford gave permission to complete construction of normal vessels. He was the Maritime Regional Manager for the Murray River.

He wrote that they were normal vessels and not part of a Botel.

He wrote that he was encouraging commercial marine development. In order for him to write that letter there must have been a request from Waterhouse Enterprises. Here it is in 1986 .

Hensford also reported that council were displeased !

Four years later in 1990, a new Regional manager confiscated the vessels under a fictitious order organized by the NSW Maritime Minister at the time. He was one of a group of corrupt politicians.

Here are the other pieces of the puzzle. 

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