Waterhouse Enterprises

If you study politics, government, law or media then you may be surprised 
by the letters presented throughout this site. They tell a story of criminality
amongst Australia's most honoured leaders.

This link shows the original documents, They are presented in chronological order and you are free to refer to them at any stage. 

When you drive across the Victoria/New South Wales border at Swan Hill you will see this building on the bank of the Murray River. A closer inspection will reveal that it was once a houseboat because of the pontoons on which it has been built.

Paddy Hogg was a colorful riverboat captain who operated out of Swan Hill in Victoria  and was not known to the Furlans. He did not build the houseboat but somehow he acquired it from either a NSW Council or the NSW State Maritime Authorities.They stole the vessels under the guise of a NOTICE which appears today to have been fraudulent and unofficial.

Three decades ago, in 1986, the Furlan family set out to legally build a very large dome shaped houseboat for their own private use. There was much interest in the vessel and so  they established Waterhouse Enterprises to construct and sell the houseboats. NSW Maritime officials in Sydney were most unhelpful because they were acting illegally for Bob Carr who was NSW Planning and Environment Minister.  

Paddy's so called wharf was actually one of two houseboats which Waterhouse built in 1987 and 1988 on the river upstream at twin towns Barham/Koondrook. The next picture shows the vessels located on the riverbank at Barham NSW in 1988. The picture on the left shows a similar land based building to the waterbased version.

That one was a huge houseboat by Australian standards. Waterhouse, a small family business set out to build it two years earlier in 1986 as their own private houseboat. 

NSW Maritime wrote that they APPROVED the vessels in September 1988.  

Here are the original documents documents about the vessels. They are presented in chronological order.  

Now imagine that you are assembling a large jigsaw puzzle. It is not yet completed and parts of it seem to be missing. The puzzle is made up of documents and facts rather than pieces of a picture and they date as far back as 1985. 

So far, you can see quite clearly that the 1000+ documents show a picture of high level corruption however there are still areas which are missing. 

To begin a puzzle you look for key pieces such as the corners and edges. Look closely at this key document. It is a 1988 Maritime letter to Mr Furlan of Waterhouse Enterprises.

You can see that Captain John Hensford gave permission to complete construction of normal vessels. He was the Maritime Regional Manager for the Murray River.

He wrote that they were normal vessels and not part of a Botel.

He wrote that he was encouraging commercial marine development. In order for him to write that letter there must have been a request from Waterhouse Enterprises. Here it is in 1986 .

Hensford also reported that council were displeased !

Four years later in 1990, a new Regional manager confiscated the vessels under a fictitious order organized by the NSW Maritime Minister at the time. He was one of a group of corrupt politicians.

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The scale of corruption was revealed in 2012 after a long held secret was inadvertently published on the internet by Town Planners in WA. 

In 1987 they were working on delivering a Poker Machine Club to business interest in Swan Hill.

Here is video evidence of the theft. 

In 1985 "Shady Lady" a hire houseboat arrives in Barham NSW. There is no record of it having Council approval to operate there. She was parrtly owned by Jack Keck Who was once President of BARHAM PROGRESS ASSOCIATION.

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