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This page relates to the building of my houseboats which are shown above. The "Captain Paddy Hogg Wharf" is located on the Murray River near Swan Hill. It began life as my houseboat in 1986 in Barham NSW. For years I struggled with many Government Agencies to have both of my houseboats approved by the relevant authorities. They lied, cheated and deliberately maladministered the project. Ultimately they siezed the vessels with a fraudulent document. Behind each of these famous faces lies a link to evidence which connects them to the illegal seizure of the two vessels. You can click on each picture to discover who they are in their own words.


Name:Maurice FURLAN


  1. In 1988 I constructed two vessels on the Murray River, both were located at Barham in NSW.
  2. Captain John HENSFORD was the regional manager of the NSW Maritime Services Board which had control of my vessels. On September 14 1988 I received a letter from HENSFORD reaffirming to the Wakool Shire that he gave me permission to complete construction of my normal vessels as part of a commercial marine development. He also wrote that my vessels were not part of a prospective botel.
  3. On or about June 27 1990 I received a letter purporting to be from the Maritime Services Board of NSW advising me of a notice to remove two botel units from the Murray River. This notice was allededly signed by HENSFORD.
  4. Six months later I saw an article in the Barham Bridge Newspaper describing the removal of my vessels by government agents.
  5. On or about September 1 2017 I applied through freedom on info for imformation relating to the removal of my vessels. i received advice from Roads and Maritime that the information was not recorded.
  6. I also sought a review which also concluded that the notice had not been properly recorded.
  7. Hence, the notice is an invalid document, the process was fraudulent & the agents seized my vessels illegally.
  8. One of my vessels is now located on the banks of the Murray River near Swan Hill.
  9. I want my houseboat returned to me.                                                                                                                               Sworn 04/04/2019

Most people these days believe that high level political corruption is commonplace in Australia without any personal experience or evidence of it. It doesn't get much higher than this. I am not aware of anyone else who has had their life destroyed by it and who have documentary proof of it dating from the 1980's to the present day. Here is some of the evidence. These documents number in the hundreds. They are presented in chronological order. It is possible to follow this story by reading each document otherwise the following is a shortened version.

This story has taken many years to investigate and to reveal. When we were much younger, my wife Karen and I wanted to live aboard a houseboat on the Murray river. It has always been a popular dream to many. This current Facebook group are typical owners an wannabees. We wanted to build our own boat and we had the cash to fund it. Unfortunately the NSW Government were planning to pass laws which would would control the use of Riparian Land. Riparian land is that part of the river banks which allow access to the waterway. We did not know anything about these matters at the time. We sought a mooring. We had a major battle but eventually succeeded. Many the government agencies did not want people living on houseboats. They did not pay rates and they polluted the river was the basis of their argument. We had a long battle with them. Eventually we turned their arguments against them and offered to build a BOTEL at Barham. It was to be the first of six modular marinas where we would rent houseboats on a short term basis. We offered to build and run a pumpout station at each location. Jim Small MP and the government agencies saw the benefits and generally supported us. So did the locals and the council. We offered to build a small houseboat in addition to the one we originally proposed to prove the concept. We were prepared to forget the idea if we could not get approval. We anticipated completing our houseboats and selling them. No sooner had we ordered ten ton of preformed steel sections and two prefabricated house kits all the parties reneged in their support. We had no option but to build. In 1987 we built the small unit and this got us the mooring. This set the council and others on a path to discredit the project through numerous media reports. Council refused our application and we instructed MORRISON AND SAWERS to appeal in the NSW LAND AND ENVIRONMENT COURT. They lodged the application out of time. CROWN LANDS are not mentioned in the court file despite them being joint applicants to the Development Application. The maritime agency broke ranks with council and approved our vessels. However the Maritime Minister conspired to  cancelled our mooring as described in this fraudulent NOTICE. It did not matter Only the Minister had the authority to cancel a mooring under the act. A mooring is a TENANCY AT WILL. However the botel proposal already had CROWN LANDS as joint applicant and they had provided a SPECIAL LEASE as confirmed in this document. Maritime and Council officers then seized the vessels. They destroyed the large one and sold off the smaller.

Bob Crawford was president of the Wakool Shire. He described the houseboats as a Botel and he wrote publicly that these vessels were a major project in NSW.  He admitted that his council had not been able to deal with my application and he wanted the state planners to take it over. It turns out council had 40 days to decide the development application. They dragged it out over three years. Eventually they resorted to fraud and theft to hide their failings and to remove the boats from public view. This led to our marriage failing and we both suffered greatly. A bitter divorce ensued for another five years and sadly Karen passed away in 1995 at age thirty. In 2012 I discovered this online information. The claim by SMITHSON PLANNING has been confirmed as being untrue. It has led me to revisit my own documentation from the time. There is no doubt in my mind that I was dealing with government criminals. The Botel Development Application was deliberately maladministered. The books were fiddled with to create a second application.  


Here is a photo taken from the bridge at Barham NSW of four boats situated on the Murray river in 1988. I set out to build only one large dome shaped houseboat for my family. We began in 1986 and four long years later Maritime and council officials destroyed the venture. They resorted to using a fraudulent NOTICE document. Their actions were criminal and yet today the police and anticorruption agencies are reluctant to act. We called our commercial marine business Waterhouse Enterprises. It involved the building and selling of houseboats. A separate project was named BOTEL and it concerned the renting of botel units. Government officials treated it as a motel which was clearly a land based development. 

Both boats were intended to be private houseboats however the smaller one was built to demonstrate the feasability of the new tourist concept. Ten years ago I stumbled upon some online information which I was not aware of as the developer of the Botel Project in 1987. It seems that Smithson Planning from WA were working for the NSW government and advising council about an Environmental Impact Statement related to the Botel project. They disguised their involvement by referring to it as a BOATEL located on the Edward river whereas it was actually related to my BOTEL on the Murray River. This recent letter from the council confirms the Smithson claim is a lie. Smithson it seems were also working on media and planning issues for another project in Swan Hill, the Murray Downs historic precinct. That project included a marina and a poker machine licence for a new club over the river from Swan hill in Victoria. 

Poker machines were outlawed in Victoria in those times. more....


Name:Maurice FURLAN


  1. I sought approval to build, sell and rent houseboats on the Murray River at Barham NSW from numerous authorities
  2. I registered two business names WATERHOUSE ENTERPRISES and BOTEL.
  3. Wakool shire council determined they had control of the approval process
  4. On the 14 January 1987 I made a formal application to the Council to construct the houseboats on a commercial basis.
  5. On or about 19 February 1988 Bob CRAWFORD admitted his council had not dealt with it.
  6. Council's register of Development Applications shows that my BOTEL application was numbered 1/87 and that it was refused. 
  7. The entry is INVALID. It was not refused. 
  8. The Register shows a fraudulent entry which is numbered 13/88 for the same development application. It was made sometime in 1988 and it remains undetermined according to the register. 
  9. When council allegedly refused my application in August 1988 they sent a fraudulent letter which identified my application as numbered 13/88.
  10. The application process was fraudulent because John HENSFORD approved it as a commercial marine development.
  11. I want my application fee of $450 refunded. 
  12. The fraudulent entry 13/88 in the Register reveals that CROWN LANDS and I were joint applicants in the project. 
  13. I was not made aware of that fact at the time. 
  14. Terry Mecham from Crown Lands Office in Deniliquin NSW had verbally agreed to a special lease of a section of the Murray River in return for 5% of the profits from the rental venture which I called a Botel. 
  15. I payed $110 fee for the SPECIAL LEASE application which was made to guarantee tenure of the land required for our project. 
  16. This was done to prevent any STATE MINISTER from terminating my existing TENANCY AT WILL ie my Mooring WS012.
  17. Following council's alleged formal rejection of my project I instructed my Solicitors MORRISON and SAWERS from Victoria to lodge an appeal against the council decision in the NSW LAND AND ENVIRONMENT COURT
  18. I want my fee returned and the scammers prosecuted.


Here is the Botel Environmental Impact Statement which not made public by Wakool council. The Shire President wtote that council had it but NSW Hansard records reveal that Mr SMALL MP accused Waterhouse of not provding it which forced council to reject application.

Regional Television TV8 Special Newshour Report on Botel mislead its viewers. It reported that BPA represented the residents and they opposed the Botel because it was to be sited behind the School of Arts hall. It was to be sited upstream adjacent the caravan park/boatramp and NOT behind the hall. This PETITION supported the botel at the that location and refuted the BPA and council objections.

These Press reports about Botel were blatantly inaccurate and biased towards council and BPA opposition.

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