Fooled for three decades.

If you study politics, government, law or media then you may like to read some of my letters
They show the evil behind many of Australia's most honoured leaders !

Welcome and thank you for taking the time to view my website. I hope to will be outraged like me. What started as an innocent desire to live aboard a houseboat turned out disastrously 4 years later with the loss of 2 houseboats, our mobile home and our broken family. Fours years later in 1995, Karen also lost her battle with cancer. 

On reading the following 2 documents it is not hard to conclude that Captain John Hensford, Regional Manager of NSW MSB approved construction of our "2 normal vessels". So what are normal vessels and do they differ from private or commercial houseboats?  

Two years later in 1990 he also signed a NOTICE ordering the removal of the boats which were now described as "two botel units". They were located on the Koondrook bank of the Murray River just downstream from their legal mooring WS012.

Do you see the same signature on both? What is a houseboat? What's a normal vessel? What's a botel?

How can both documents be genuine? It has taken 7 years since 2012 using FREEDOM OF INFORMATION to discover the truth. If both documents are genuine and Captain John Hensford approved two vessels which he wrote were "not part of a prospective Botel" in 1988 then how could he order them to be removed because they were Botel units in 1990 according to the NOTICE TO REMOVE VESSEL? 

Furthermore, if the the 1990 NOTICE is genuine then why does it not carry a stamp or official seal? 

If the NOTICE was genuine in 1990 then why was there no later prosecution and fine of $400 as noted in the order? You ca see that the Order does not say who terminated the licence and why? Who do you think had the authority to cancel a licence? Was it the Regional Manager or someone higher? 

You can conclude that I did not remove the vessels because Maritime went ahead with the removal of the vessels and the local newspaper Barham Bridge reported it as shown next. I can tell you that many newspapers were actively misreporting the events surrounding the houseboat and Botel Applications which began 4 years earlier in 1986.

There were proceedings in the NSW Land And Environment during this time.Here are 2 more documents. The First is a JUDGEMENT in 1990 which stated that the applicant was dissatisfied with the refusal of Wakool Shire Council to grant consent for a Botel but delayed seeking legal advice until August 1989. 

Morrison and Sawers wrote about the matter 9 months earlier. Who do you think lodged the court application? Did the solicitors lodge it late perhaps?  

Why do you think NSW Maritime approved the "commercial marine development" in September 1988 after "council" rejected it in August 1988 according the following the Land and Environment Court file. 

Here are 3 more letters which you may find more disturbing. Here is part of a judgement by Smithers which he made in that most disgusting place some call the family court of australia. He described the events which had taken place 3 years earlier in Swan Hill Magistrates Court (August 1990) around the same time as the events in the Land and Environment Court of NSW (February 1990) and the Maritime NOTICE TO REMOVE VESSELS (June 1990)

You can see that there were 2 different orders for custody made 30 August 1990. Do you think there may have been a hearing in the Mildura Court as written (3) in the first Order? Do you think the application was served within fourteen days (2) ? When do you think the custody was changed from sole to interim in the second version of the same order ? 

In the second version of the Order it is clear to see that at least 2 people were present in court that day and so why did Registrar Laidlaw sign before the husband if he (me) was present according to Smithers ? 

How do you think child access arrangements may have proceeded from 1990 and 1993 given the role played by the courts and the solicitors? 

The answers to these questions and many more are contained in these news stories and television report. When you compare the media accounts with my documentation you will come to realise the role that fake news, crooked politicians, judges, solicitors, irrigators and gambling interests played in the demise of this houseboat project and my family. 

The signatures the guilty parties appear on my letters. Apart from the obvious vested interests in motels, those people were scared that large numbers of people would see the misuse of the waterways during their trips to the poker machine clubs along the Murray. Their successors in the National Party are screwing the Murray Darling Basin today. 

Today, when you drive across the Victoria/New South Wales border at Swan Hill you will see the physical evidence of these events in this building situated on the bank of the Murray River. A closer inspection will reveal that it was once a houseboat because of the pontoons on which it has been built. 

This newspaper article describes the events surrounding the building of it in 1987. 

The signs indicates that it is the Paddy Hogg Wharf. I did not know him at all however I understand that he was a colorful but dubious riverboat captain who operated out of Swan Hill in Victoria. I believe that he died some time ago. He did not build the houseboat but somehow he acquired it from either a NSW Council or the NSW State Maritime Authorities. 


It is clear that I did not give or sell my vessels and so I can say they were stolen from me in an underhanded and unlawful scheme which has remained secret for three decades. Until 2017, I had believed that the former NSW Wakool Shire council had destroyed both houseboats. Here is a letter of demand from NSW maritime. 

My name is Maurice Furlan and in 1986, I set out to legally build a very large dome shaped houseboat for my family. We wanted to live on the Murray River for a time. There was a lot of interest in the vessel and sensing a good business opportunity; we established Waterhouse Enterprises to construct and sell the houseboats. For some unknown reason NSW Maritime officials in Sydney were most unhelpful and they would not reply to our letters in a timely way. It turned out that Bob Carr (NSW Planning and Environment Minister) was preventing the Maritime Minister from issuing us a mooring Licence. 

Karen and I had only recently married and we returned from Melbourne to live near the Murray River at the sister towns of Barham-Koondrook. There were two houseboats in the area. They had the blessingS of the council's on either side of the river as well as the maritime authorities known as the Maritime Services Board of NSW.  Sergeant Mervin Frichot built and lived aboard one of the houseboats. He was the recently retired police sergeant of Koondrook. The other houseboat Shady Lady belonged to Jack Keck and Eric Membrey. She was a commercial vessel available for hire from 1985. She would regularly tie-up at the pump structure which supplied Barham with drinking water. That location was central to the town and just behind the School of Arts Hall. It was highly visible from the bridge which connected the two towns. Council allowed the parking of patron's cars on the large grassed area behind the hall. 

We also wanted to build and live aboard a houseboat. It was to be very large by Australian standards at the time. We wanted it to comply with all legal requirements. We were fortunate to have enough money to build it professionally. There was a good deal of interest shown in our design and we saw a good business opportunity to build our first vessel, live aboard for a while and sell it to see if we could make a living that way.

The Maritime Authorities were charged with encouraging commercial marine development. I had learned this two years earlier when I was working on the construction of the paddlesteamer "Emmylou" at Echuca. Our proposal fitted perfectly within the maritime charter. Also, we were located in a regional area which needed employment opportunities.

We wrote this letter to NSW Maritime in 1986 asking them how we should proceed and we applied for a mooring licence at Koondrook. Maritime did not reply for months and our many phone calls went nowhere. There was clearly a problem which were not aware of at the time. 

Eventually Captain Stacey from Maritime's Sydney Office revealed the truth behind the delays. He told us that Bob Carr and his Planning Department were preparing a plan for the Murray River which was causing great confusion among many the various arms of government. He suggested we make a speedy and simple application.

Meanwhile our frustrations with Maritime not adhering to their very own "Regulations for living on Vessels" led us to approach Mr Jim Small MP with our second proposal. He was our local member of parliament and he was most supportive of our Botel Marina Plan and he wrote to Maritime on our behalf. Sadly, for us the so-called Honorable Jim Small MP stood in the House of Parliament two years later and lied about our project. These are his words which are recorded in Hansard. Matthew Singleton MP (later disgraced member) was the Assistant Maritime Minister and he followed Jim Small with similar lies. 

On September 21,1987 Bob Carr took over Murray River Riparian Land by signing the Murray Region Environmental Draft Plan into law. He was both NSW "Planning" and "Environment" Minister and that made for a very bad combination. The various letters, news articles shown on this site start 18 months earlier and they relate to the building of a houseboat and also a later project known in many parts as the Botel Marina on the Murray River at Barham NSW and Koondrook Victoria. Both projects never eventuated because of widespread abuse of power by him and many others to satisfy lobbyists and their interests within the "motel", "irrigation" and "gambling" groups in NSW. 

Similar botel plans were proposed for various sites along the Murray. Bob Carr acknowledged them in his 1986 letter to me. Some time later, I now believe that a one time friend named Terry Scwarze made similar proposals for a botel on Sydney Harbor. He kept this secret from me. This letter from the then President of the Murray Darling Basin Commission revealed the proposal to me. To this day, I have no other details.

You would have seen Bob Carr quite often on television as Australian Foreign Minister, and earlier as NSW premier. As to the Maritime Minister of the time, he was Bruce Baird and he happened to the father of Mike Baird who recently and suddenly resigned as Premier of NSW for family health reasons. Bruce Baird is also the father of Julia Baird who is a TV presenter. 

Back to Paddy. His so called wharf was actually one of two houseboats. Waterhouse Enterprises built them in 1987 and 1988 on the river upstream at the twin towns of Barham/Koondrook. The vessels were located on the riverbank at Barham NSW in 1988 as pictured below. Another picture below shows a similar large land based building to the Waterhouse version.

It may seem hard to believe however the NSW State and local government STOLE the vessels in 1990. They used an elaborate scheme and a FRAUDULENT NOTICE to carry it out. That action was the culmination of four years of dishonesty which destroyed my family and ultimately led to the death of Karen Furlan in 1995. We were estranged at that time and we were involved in the most bitter Family Law dispute over child access and custody. I had no idea that she was ill until her passing in 1995. 

In 2017, the NOTICE TO REMOVE VESSELS has proven to have been fraudulent. I now believe that it was never officially recorded. It's existence now has significant ramifications because it implicates dozens of others senior government official and ministers from that time. 

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